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Very slow fibre extra speed, and major lag.

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Very slow fibre extra speed, and major lag.

Been a customer since 2015, and we upgraded to the extra few years back, and recently I'd say a month the connection has been so poor, wired and wireless which isn't what we've paid for and the package hasn't changed. I'm getting 0.62kbps upload on my ps4. Which would previously be in the 20's any issues that could be causing that? tried port forwarding etc. Resetting router, new channel, would love any advice as it's impossible to game sadly:(

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Very slow fibre extra speed, and major lag.

Your connection looks quite normal in terms of speeds.


Is it just the PS4 that's having issues?

I'm presuming so, but can you confirm all else is working fine then we know where to offer advice next.


The maximum upload on the fibre product is 20Mbps so your throughput would be just under this.



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