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Very low (ADSL) speeds after switching to Fibre

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Very low (ADSL) speeds after switching to Fibre

Hi Plusnet,


I have recently switched to your fibre service after moving house. Due to a delay in having the fibre service activated I was initially put onto an ADSL service which was later due to be switched to fibre. 

Last week I received an e-mail notification saying that the fibre service had been activated and that it was functioning. However, upon setting up my Hub One router I still appear to be getting ADSL speeds. See attachments.

Please could you let me know what has gone wrong or when the fibre service can be activated.






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Re: Very low (ADSL) speeds after switching to Fibre


Sounds like it's not been completed by BT engineer yet at the cabinet. For some reason plusnet change the package before the switch is done at the cabinet.

Hopefully staff can confirm this and let you know the date
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Re: Very low (ADSL) speeds after switching to Fibre

Your account has changed but the order isn't due to complete until the 5th August, this is when you'll see the faster speeds. Sorry for any confusion.

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