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Variable speed fibre - 20mb to 36mb

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Variable speed fibre - 20mb to 36mb


I have had fibre before in a non-rural location and found the speed to be constant.


It's just been installed in our very small village and we are around 300ft from the box.


Speed is so much better than our dismal lucky to get 5mb ADSL, but it seems vary variable.

If I run a speed test it will jump immediately to 20mb and then increase over the next short period to 36mb.


a. Is this normal as in my London flat it didn't do this

b. If I was to increase to fibre extra would I start at 40mb and slowly increase to 70+ mb which is achievable according to the checker.


I certainly am not complaining about "only" starting at 20mb just curious as much as anything.

Finally a geek question - I presume there is only so much bandwidth available and a pipe is run to the village and when more users sign up speeds could drop from capacity and cross talk?


Thanks in advance, this forum is amazing from an advice perspective!

Best wishes






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Re: Variable speed fibre - 20mb to 36mb

Are you running the tests via wifi on a mobile device? Or laptop/pc via wired? It is unusual to get your results via the latter, but typical via a mobile device.


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Re: Variable speed fibre - 20mb to 36mb

If you haven't done so yet, can you try a single disconnect/reconnect and see what effect that has?

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