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Variable Download Speeds ONGOING!!

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Variable Download Speeds ONGOING!!

I am sure this has been the subject previously but having had a running battle with Plusnet Support Team & BT Openreach I am willing to take any suggestion as to how I now move forward.   Since upgrading to Fibre some 3 months ago I have suffered from wild swings in performance as shown on the BT Wholesale Broadband performance test.  Plusnet have sent Openreach out twice, once a number of issues were dealt with & secondly they just said all was ok -- it was a Plusnet problem!!

I am now going round in circles and the question I have open is dealt with differently by different Analysts.  Some have tried to fob me off others have said they can see dips & I need to book another BT Openreach appointment, which clearly will only likely waste more money & time. 

This morning I have had download speeds ranging from 35Mbps down to the last one taken at 18.34Mbps.   Plusnet support seem both incapable & certainly unwilling to do anything about its what are the next steps??   In short I am seeing little or no improvement in performance since moving over to Fibre save it is costing me more!!

Any advise would be most welcome

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Re: Variable Download Speeds ONGOING!!

Have you tried a quiet-line test, using a wired receiver?

Are your speedtests done using ethernet cable whilst connected to the BT side of the telephone?

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Re: Variable Download Speeds ONGOING!!

Is there any pattern to this such as time of day and/or day of week?

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