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VPN connection

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VPN connection

Hi Plusnet People,


We switched from Sky to Plusnet end December 2017 and since then there have been numerous issues such as no access to the CCTV remote viewing applications and the VPN connection not working.


I use SecurePulse VPN software to connect to the office network which worked fine with Sky but with Plusnet it just sits there trying to connect and eventually giving up and timing out.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: VPN connection

@sunshine1 Hi, and welcome to the forums.

There IS an issue with some VPN software and certain of the PlusNet public IP ranges.

See this thread

If that's the problem with your VPN (I wouldn't know if SecurePulse is affected) then a simple work around is to get a static IP (one-off charge £5) as that will be allocated from an IP range that doesn't have problems.

As to CCTV problems I don't recall seeing reports of any general problem with remote viewing apps. Perhaps if you could give some more information we may be able to advise...