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VDSL2 sync speed being capped at exactly 74,000kb/s?

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Registered: ‎05-03-2013

VDSL2 sync speed being capped at exactly 74,000kb/s?

Hi all,

I happened to notice earlier today that my modem was synced at 73,999kb/s rather than its usual 79,997 (it claims headroom to above 83,000 usually, and still is at the moment). I rebooted it to see if it would sync at full speed again, and it didn't — again exactly 73,999.

Has my line somehow had its cap reduced from 80,000? If so, how to I get it back up? (And, just for interest's sake, why might this have happened? The line has been rock solid as far as I'm aware, and still has a bit of headroom both upstream and downstream when sunc at the 80/20 limits).

Modem stats included below (it's a DrayTek 2760) in case of interest / useful for diagnosis!

Thanks for any insights (I'll probably call support tomorrow in any case if it resyncs again at 73,999 when I reboot it at some point during the morning!) …


ATU-R Information
         Type: VDSL2
         Hardware: Annex A
         Firmware: 05-07-06-0D-01-07
         Power Mngt Mode: DSL_G997_PMS_L0
         Line State: SHOWTIME
         Running Mode: 17A
         Vendor ID: fe004452 41590000
ATU-C Information
        Vendor ID: b5004244 434da4a1 [BDCM]
Line Statistics
  Downstream             Upstream                
Actual Rate 73999 Kbps 19999 Kbps
Attainable Rate 83449 Kbps 25234 Kbps
Path Mode Fast Fast
Interleave Depth 1 1
Actual PSD 6. 7 dB 13. 9 dB
  Near End                  Far End                   
Trellis ON ON
Bitswap ON ON
ReTx 0   1  
SNR Margin 8 dB 15 dB
Attenuation 14 dB 18 dB
CRC 0 7087
FECS 0 s 72969 s
ES 0 s 909 s
SES 0 s 149 s
LOSS 0 s 0 s
UAS 30 s 2111 s
HEC Errors 0 0
RS Corrections 0 0
LOS Failure 0 0
LOF Failure 0 0
LPR Failure 0 0
NCD Failure 0 0
LCD Failure 0 0
NFEC 254 32
RFEC 16 16
LYSMB 5374 16