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VDSL 2 Faceplate

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VDSL 2 Faceplate

Hello there, I've got an ongoing intermittent fault with phone calls going dead in the middle of calls. No problems with my fibre broadband.  Had quite a saga with BT Openreach engineers, and we are not out of the woods yet. The last thing I want to rule out is a fault with my plug-in faceplate filter, so I have bought a new one: a VDSL 2 faceplate with separate sockets on the front for phone and broadband, and with terminals for extension wiring on the back of it.

Can I ask if a phone plugged in to the phone socket on the front of the face plate is, in effect, plugging in to the test socket and is therefore isolated from the extension socket wiring? (I'm anticipating further calls to PlusNet where I'll be asked to do the usual test socket tests, and I need to know if I will have to remove the faceplate and plug into the test socket at the back.)

One further phone-based query: I've seen advice to disconnect the orange wire from terminal 3 in extension sockets since this is no longer needed. Does this apply to lines with fibre broadband, and is it still considered good advice?

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Re: VDSL 2 Faceplate

The answer to your question is I think, no. When the filtered faceplate is plugged in both the phone socket on the front and the extension wiring is filtered. If asked to plug into the test socket you should use a separate dangly filter instead of the faceplate. One would have been included with your router.

The orange bell wire is no longer used and should be disconnected as it allegedly could introduce noise into your wiring.