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Utter disappointment

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Registered: ‎24-11-2017

Utter disappointment

Hi all, firstly this is not a rant topic so please do not take my tone as a "rant".

I have been with plusnet now for over 4 years never had a cause to complain, until now.

For over 9 months now I have been getting disconnects, up to 7 per day, lasting from 2 mins up to 35 mins in extreme cases, this has been reported to tech support numerous times who state they see the line dropping though they test the line and state "all looks fine" so wont push up to L2. 

The last frustrated call i made in over a month ago rattled me so much, the tech support gent stated that he saw all the disconnects that day and stated there was nothing he could do to help. I asked to be put through to customer complaints who stated that they would look into this. I told them i want to leave plusnet as the support and service to my home is now shocking.

I went away and ordered Virgin Fiber - mainly to test out knowing that they have a fantastic cancellation policy if dissatisfied.


A month on and still with no resolution back from plusnet, I called in this morning, a friendly eng in tech support stated that there are no records on my account, nothing has been logged and he stated that he would pass this on to L2 right away, up to 72 hours for them to get back to me.


Shocked that tech support is not taken seriously up until this point.


By profession - I'm an old CISCO Architect, I understand that faults can be tricky to diagnose sometimes but completely ignoring them in the first place and not logging them is unforgivable.


What have I done to diag this issue:

Replaced RJ11 cable, checked consumer box

Checked line from premises back to BT Road concentration  (thanks to a friendly BT Eng)

Replaced Plusnet Router with 3 different draytek (3 different power supplies as well as 2 different UPS Supplies)

Checked packet fragmentation/MTU 

Etc, etc...


When the line is up, I'm one of the lucky ones, I get pretty much the full DL & UL though this means nothing without stability, though I do not think the profile has anything to do with this.


Frustrated, Plusnet I do not want your service any more, until today your support has been lip service, though I'm not holding my breath.