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Using with Apple Time Capsule and Openreach modem

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Using with Apple Time Capsule and Openreach modem

Hello, a couple of questions before I pull the trigger to move from BT to Plusnet.


I'm currently on Unlimited BT Infinity 2, getting approx 76 down and 17 up (I'm about 30 yards from the green fibre box). Given that Plusnet uses the BT infrastructure, I assume I can expect to get the same speeds with Plusnet's Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband package? No more, no less?


My current BT setup is an Openreach modem (Huawei EchoLife HG612) at the front of the house (where the BT line enters) connected via CAT6 (under the floor) to an Apple Time Capsule near the back of the house (I've never used the Home Hub 4 BT supplied). I'm very happy with this setup, wifi coverage is good etc., and would like to replicate this with Plusnet. I spoke to the sales lady asking if the Plusnet kit would work with the ATC and all she would say is that they provide one box, the Plusnet Hub One (it's free of charge so I'll take it, but I'm hoping I won't need to use it).



Looking on the forum here it seems that it is possible to use Plusnet with the ATC as long as I have a VDSL modem, and my Openreach modem will do the job nicely. Assuming this is corrrect, is it just a case of powering everything off after my Plusnet migration goes live, waiting 10 minutes or so, powering the modem on, then the ATC and then configuring the ATC. Currently my ATC is configured to use PPPoE with an account name of and a space for the password (!). I assume I'll need to use my Plusnet account details instead?


Have I missed anything?





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Re: Using with Apple Time Capsule and Openreach modem

That sounds like a worker to me. It should as you say be a reset and go, with only a change of Username / Password required.