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Uploads constantly failing

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Uploads constantly failing

I have the capped 2Mbps upload speed (fibre unlimited). I am noticing regular problems with any uploads and it is getting frustrating.

If I check the 'send' speed (using Windows task Manger, not the best reference I know) while a file is being uploaded, it is generally sending consistently at 1.9+, but every few minutes the send drops to zero, and if this lasts for more than a few seconds the upload fails. This happens almost every time so it is extremely difficult to send anything other than very small files.

I have two questions -

1)is there anything that would cause this and that can be done to fix it without upsetting my very good 36Mbps download speed?


2)I wondered if upgrading to the unlimited extra package would improve things? The BT line check shows that myline is capable of 7 or 8 upload speed, but PlusNet do not seem to offer me the 'extra' package, why would that be?

I'd appreciate any advice, I would really like to be able to upload files more efficiently than this.



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Re: Uploads constantly failing

This is a known issue:

Plusnet FTTC 79997/19999 Vigor 130 + Asus DSL-AC68U