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Upload speed increased for 52Mbs customers?

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Upload speed increased for 52Mbs customers?

My fibre connection was one of those that was automatically upgraded at the start of August this year from 38Mbs to 52Mbs downstream but upstream was cut in half.

I just got my Sam Knows report today for last month and that is showing a jump back up on 29th November to almost what upstream was in July. Doing the PlusNet speed test also shows the same speed, which is nearing 16Mbs. Is this a change which I should have been notified about?

I had been thinking of upgrading to Unlimited Fibre Extra, purely for the upload speed, when my current contract ends early next year but if I will continue to get the faster upload speed wthout changing anything then will be no need to do this. Wink

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Re: Upload speed increased for 52Mbs customers?

Ssssshhhh - enjoy it whilst you can ;-)