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Upload speed decreased

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Upload speed decreased

I have a 40/20 account, however for some reason my upload speed has been limited to 9Mbps (I used to get 19-20 Mbps). I tried to contact Plusnet yesterday and I was told that my line got upgraded (!) to the new 55/10.

First question I have: can I just refuse this upgrade? I'd rather have the 20 Mbps upload (which is the reason why I chose Plusnet in the first place), than the additional 10-15 Mbps download, which I am not going to use anyway.

Second question: in any case, why is my download speed still 38 Mbps?

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Re: Upload speed decreased


Everything is answered in this thread but quick answer

  1. No
  2. Plusnet have made a mistake and haven't actioned it correctly
  3. And no timescale yet for a solution to 2
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Re: Upload speed decreased

Unfortunately PN has decided to mess about , you should have had a Email from PN ,, Have a Long read here Sad


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Re: Upload speed decreased

Thanks everyone. I actually checked my account on the Plusnet website, where it clearly says that I have a 40/20. They should have planned this better.

At least now I know what is happening.