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Upload speed almost halved

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Upload speed almost halved

According to the wholesale checker, my "High" expectations for a clean line are 38 down / 7.6 up.  Distance from house to cabinet is about 800 metres, by road.
For the last 3 years or so, my download sync rate has varied between 42 & 49Mbps, and upload has been around 13Mbps
My upload speed has dropped from ~13Mbps to 7Mbps in the last couple of weeks (I think).  As I am still in the expected range, can anything be done about the large, sudden drop?
I have an ECI modem (on an ECI cabinet) so no stats available for now.
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Re: Upload speed almost halved

Hi sadly it has to drop below estimate before Plusnet can get an engineer out to take a look  for you, Maybe it will rise back up again after some time depending on what caused the drop in the first place.