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Upload issues in the evening

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Registered: ‎08-04-2016

Upload issues in the evening

Hello All,

I've been using plusnet for several years now with very few issues, but over the past month or so I've had several issues during the evening when streaming to twitch (Between 9pm - 1pm), with the issue more likely to occur earlier in the night, and improve/dissipate as the night goes on.

More often than not now there are a few periods where I will continually drop frames specifically due to networking issues. While this is going on websites will be a bit slow to load, and ping in games goes up a bit.

Speedtests run while this is happening come back within "normal" levels most of the time, so I think throughput is the issue rather than the actual bandwidth available, but could be wrong on that.

As we get later in to the evening the issue is less and less likely to happen, it's odd but the issue almost reminds of the traffic shaping / prioritisation that was a thing about 15 years ago.

As far as my setup goes, I'm wired upbut I do use powerline adaptors day to day, but have tested this with a very long ethernet cable and the same issue still occurs. I'm also very confident there is no excessive downloading or anything else like that impacting. Just me and the wife, no children.

The only recent change was a new router. I replaced the old one as it was ancient and battered and I thought (hoped) that might be the cause of the issue!

I'm not sure if this is enough information to look into the problem (unless it's local congestion or similar - FTTP has been made available somewhat recently in our street, but I think it dates back further than the problem starting). Ideally if someone could advise me on further tests or monitoring I could do to narrow down the issue I would be very grateful.