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Upload Speed Lower Than Advertised

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Upload Speed Lower Than Advertised

After upgrading to Fibre Extra I received the following email...


"The order we placed to change your upload speed has completed.

Your upload speed is now 2Mbit/s."


Can anyone tell why this is so low when PN advertise up to 19mb?


I've been told my "estimated line speed range is from 80 Mbps - 80 Mbps"

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Re: Upload Speed Lower Than Advertised

Rather odd as Unlimited Fibre Extra should not have a capped upload speed.

Unlimited Fibre does have the capped upload speed (seemingly for a Plusnet marketing reason) although you have to look fairly hard to find out.

I would raise a fault ticket (although at the moment the fault reporting system seems broken - possibly melted !).



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Re: Upload Speed Lower Than Advertised

standard practice really... as long as your speed falls somewhere in quite a big margin, your line is seen as "fine"


such as mine, where i have a package of 55/10 but i can't get higher than 37/7 on my line for unknown reasons, despite the cabinet being a mere 0.2 miles away... yet someone across the road that connects to the same cabinet can get (theoretically) up to 80/20

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Re: Upload Speed Lower Than Advertised

Looks like you've been put on the wrong product. Either wait for A member of PN staff to pick it up here or ring in or use chat. 

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