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Upgrading to the Hub One from Technicolor 582n?

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Upgrading to the Hub One from Technicolor 582n?

Hello everyone

I don't know if this is the right place to ask about this, so please move it if needed.

Our house has had the Tecnicolour 582n for about 3 years now I think since we joined plusnet on non-fibre broadband using the openreach modem box for the fibre connection and we have been discussing recently about seeing if we can possibly upgrade our router to the hub one seeing as our current router is getting pretty old. We have also started seeing wireless signal issues at areas around the house and believe this could be because of the routers age,

Is it possible to upgrade at any time? Or would we have to wait until our contract is up? We would be willing to pay for it if necessary.

Thank you for your replies


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Re: Upgrading to the Hub One from Technicolor 582n?

You should consider buying your own - a better one - this is a good start point for an "all in one" router,14436.0.html

The Plusnet router - you may be able to get one for P&P (£6.99 I think) with a 12 month contract but it is heavily locked down so doesn't give you much control