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Upgraded to Fibre Extra but speed still around 38Mbps

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Upgraded to Fibre Extra but speed still around 38Mbps

Hi, I yesterday evening ordered the upgrade from the 38Mbps fibre package which I've had for a good while now with Plusnet to the Unlimited Fibre Extra 76Mbps option. Received the 'Your broadband product change is now complete' email at 1:40am this morning yet when I got up I found the internet to not be working (red light next to Internet). After logging into the router and re-entering my username and password I successfully connected and have been all day, the problem is the speed is still 38-40Mbps in the numerous speed tests I've run via and


The tool on the Plusnet website which shows your current connection speed appears fine:


I have been on trying to fix the issue via the live chat/help and the person I spoke to ran some checks and said the speed is showing just over 40Mbps which is too low but there's no obvious reason why that would be the case and asked me to raise a fault, which I've done.


When I filled in the fault forms, one of the questions asked whether I could hear a dial tone on my phone when picking it up, I can't but then they are cordless phones which have never had audible tones until you start to dial, so I chose the option which said I couldn't hear anything and now the fault status is indicating that my problem is likely with my phone line and my broadband should be back up soon (it's not down!). I don't know how long these fault issues take to get around to but I'm concerned the wrong issue will now be investigated because of the lack of dial tone option I chose when in fact the only issue is I'm getting 40Mbps when now paying for the 76Mbps service!


Hoping someone can advise. Oh and I've re-booted both the plusnet router (and factory reset it) and BT box it's connected to. No luck.

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Re: Upgraded to Fibre Extra but speed still around 38Mbps

Apologies that this has been picked up late. I understand that an engineer went out to your property and your speeds have improved a little bit.


Your sync rate is currently 63.6 Mbps which is a bit more along the lines of what we'd expect.

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Re: Upgraded to Fibre Extra but speed still around 38Mbps

Thanks for replying Matty. 

I have asked the Plusnet support team a question on Saturday via the fault thread/page we raised whether or not the download speed of 55-59Mbps we've been receiving since the engineer visited is typical of what we should expect moving forward from an 'up to 76Mbps' service, and that I realise things like distance to the fibre cabinet and peak times etc will have an impact upon the speed.

You've kindly answered it to a certain degree however our line speed estimate via the Plusnet website shows the following:

Estimated line speed:80Mb (This may vary between 62.2Mb and 80Mb) - Checked on 2016-09-28 21:59:36

We're barely scraping the bottom end of that, I didn't expect to receive the full 76Mbps as I mentioned above but would you say 55-59Mbps is still lower than it should be?

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Re: Upgraded to Fibre Extra but speed still around 38Mbps

Hi David,


The estimates correlate to your sync speeds, not the throughput you get I'm afraid.


The estimates for your line are:

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Downstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Downstream Range(Mbps)

WBC FTTC Availability Date

WBC SOGEA Availability Date

Left in Jumper

  High Low High Low        
VDSL Range A (Clean) 80 62.2 20 19 -- Available -- --



And your line is currently connected at:

Description GEA service test completed and no fault found but unable to check for customer equipment connected to modem.
Main Fault Location OK
Sync Status In Sync
Downstream Speed 63.6 Mbps
Upstream Speed 17.4 Mbps
Profile Name 0.128M-80M Downstream, Error Protection Off - 0.128M-20M Upstream, Error Protection Off



So although the actual speeds you're getting on speedtests are below the estimates, as the sync speed is within the range it wouldn't be classified as a fault now.

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