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Upgraded to Fibre Extra and no difference in speed & internet cutting out.

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Registered: ‎25-11-2020

Upgraded to Fibre Extra and no difference in speed & internet cutting out.

I upgraded to Fibre Extra two days ago and since then we have had no better speed (perhaps worse!) and the internet has also been cutting out (router going flashing orange and green)

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎25-11-2020

Re: Upgraded to Fibre Extra and no difference in speed & internet cutting out.

Same experience here but my problem with speed (this time around) began around 6 months ago and is still not resolved

I even upgraded to fibre plus In September in the hopes it would somehow raise my sub-16Mbps speed because PN were rubbish at actually tackling the faults and I had been in a pretty much endless loop of 'reset the router', 'undertake BT speedtest', 'we cannot detect a fault' when at my end of the line it was signal cut out every few minutes, broadband light on, no TV, inability to upload etc. And, yes, I checked for interference, nearby conflicting channels etc.

So I upgraded to fibre plus and told PN it was because they had failed to resolve the original problem and I was hoping this would somehow improve speeds. Nope!

Current speed is Ping 135, Download 15.7Mbps and Upload 0.60Mbps

Some days that is ping 999, Down 0.00 Up 0.00 for hours on end!

I'm not an engineer (any more) but that info alone suggests something is not only not right but it's also intermittent. No brainer logic. And PN have access to line history showing previous issues.

PlusNet acknowledged a fault (finally) in early september but, despite having BT engineer arranged (and that is a story in itself) THEY cancelled it because the line appeared to have self-healed (despite a history of line faults dating back 2 years)

The true reason for the apparent sudden cure was that I had been away on holiday so the line was not being used at all!

So here I am 10 weeks and more since cancellation and they have begun to agree there is a fault once more (yes, I really had to go through the whole process again - does nobody read the previous messages) It has been 13 days since I first offered BT engineer dates, and when they passed I offered 3 more. NOT ONE SINGLE RESPONSE FROM PN IN 13 DAYS.

I have been unable to upload information to my doctor, I have lost purchases on Ebay, I have made duplicate payments where they appear to cancel mid-way because of rubbish service

Not once since I started the new contract have PN actually managed to comply with the contracted speeds and that is more than 2 months.

Is it unreasonable to expect a basic service for the amount of money being paid? I have been a PN customer for years but not much longer. I would strongly advise AGAINST being a PN customer because all they do, if you have a problem, is push it back on you with endless spirals of self-testing and denial.

I have witnessed two lockdowns without proper internet service and all the time in between. How much more?