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Upgrade to fibre extra

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Upgrade to fibre extra

Hi all
I am currently on a up to 38Mbps contract as the estimate i was given was 32Mbps
I have my own fibre router and my sync speed is a steady 47258 and my download speeds are 37.5Mbps
I carried out a BT speed test and further diagnostics and for my connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 36.59 Mbps-45.74 Mbps, the IP Profile for my line is - 45.74 Mbps
My daughter is with plusnet and she borrowed my router to see if it would sort out a problem she was having which it did and when i got it back, my router connected up to plusnet with her username and password and as she is on fibre extra i carried out a couple of speed tests which I got a high of 45.4Mbps and a low of 43.82Mbps.
Is it worth me upgrading to fibre extra and could I do it here online?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Upgrade to fibre extra

Hiya Cal,
That's totally up to yourself. The question I would ask myself would be "would that difference of a few mbps be worth the extra cost?"
It's possible to upgrade here if you decide that you need to:
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team