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Upgrade to Unlimited Fibre Extra - no speed increase

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Registered: ‎22-02-2019

Upgrade to Unlimited Fibre Extra - no speed increase

Yesterday I upgraded my Unlimited Fibre package to Unlimited Fibre Extra.  This morning I got an email  saying:-

"Your broadband product change is now complete

 Estimated speed – 60Mbps to 80Mbps"

I subsequently did a speed check with the BT Wholesale speed checker and they show my speeds as being 30.32Mbps down and 10.67Mbps up.  These are the speeds I was getting ‘before’ the upgrade so nothing appears to have changed… The BT speed checker indicates that the IP profile for my line is 42.81.  So I wonder whether BT need to be informed of the upgrade?

I was under the impression this upgrade would be immediate however I have recently read that it could take some time to achieve the expected speeds.  

Anyone any ideas, when I can expect things to get better ?  Based on my previous speeds and my distance from the cabinet I would expect a substantial speed increase.


Many thanks.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Upgrade to Unlimited Fibre Extra - no speed increase


Hi @Jandi,


Thanks for getting in touch - I've tested your line and am getting around 44mb/s.


As you've noted, the speed range you'd expect should be much higher than this, so there's clearly an issue somewhere.


Could you please connect your router into the test socket of your premises as described here and if that doesn't help, raise a fault here so that we can ask our suppliers to investigate this for you.


Best wishes