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Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

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Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

Hi collective,

My first post so be gentle with me please !

So, I've taken the plunge from ADSL to fibre and have a question or two ! I'm due to switch on the 21st, had my hub router delivered and just wondering if I could just use my current TP-LINK N600 TD-W9980 instead ? I'm a total newbie with routers and subsequent setting up thereof and ask if there's different connection settings for the fibre from the standard ADSL (you know, the stuff like PPPoE etc) or is it just a case that when fibre goes live, the router will just accept the new connection ?

I don't really want to swap routers as I've recently managed to get my Amazon Alexa's, smart TV and AV amp all set up with my current TP-LINK and dread the thought of going through it all again !

Thanks in advance for any info .

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Re: Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

The 9980 is a VDSL compatible unit so it SHOULD just work. No need to change any settings, it should detect the change and resync when the upgrade happens. Worst case you may have to reconfigure it to select VDSL but everything else should be the same

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Re: Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

As an existing customer the router may well automatically pick up the new connection though a re-boot of the router may be required.


If not, the settings required for VDSL (fibre) can be found here