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Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

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Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

I do hope someone can clarify my query.
I am considering upgrading to fibre from Plusnet ADSL but I would prefer to keep my existing router - it has an ethernet WAN port.
What I'm struggling to understand is whether Open Reach will provide a VDSL modem as part of the install?  Some posts imply they won't but the Plusnet information implies they will.  Which is correct?
Thanks for your help
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Re: Upgrade from ADSL to Fibre

They stopped being automatically provided when Plusnet launched their Hub One VDSL Modem/Router. Whether they have any spare available now I can't answer that but there are many BT Openreach VDSL modems available to buy on Ebay should you not be able to get one from Plusnet or BT Openreach.