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Unreliable connection and speed dropping

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Unreliable connection and speed dropping



For months I've had a pretty stable connection syncing at 34996/4999 kbit/s. Over the last 2 or 3 weeks though my connection has been dropping out with the following messages in the log. Although it can happen during the day, it seems to mainly occur in the early hours of the morning - 1am to 2am.


DSL not responding (no DSL synchronization).

Internet connection cleared.

Timeout during PPP negotiation.

DSL synchronization starting (training).

DSL is available (DSL synchronization exists with 34996/4999 kbit/s).

PPPoE error: Timeout. [2 messages since xx.yy.zz 04:02:15]

Internet connection established successfully. IP address: zz.zz.zz.zz DNS server: and, gateway:, broadband PoP: acc-aln5.hy


It has (up until now) consistently reconnected at the same speed however, the speed is now syncing lower and lower and yesterday was down to 26424/4999 and just now 22077/4999


I use a FritzBox 7530 connected directly into the master socket and no other extensions etc. 


Recent logs from the FritzBox seem to show high Bit Error Rates around the time of connection loss and these are becoming more frequent.


Working as it was...


Recent log..



It would appear something has changed on my line although no internal changes at all.

Please can someone assist in getting my speed back.



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Re: Unreliable connection and speed dropping

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Re: Unreliable connection and speed dropping

More disconnections and now down to 21000