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Unmitigated shambles

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Unmitigated shambles

Tried to switch to Fibre last year but it turned out there wasn't actually any capacity.  Only found that out after ADSL had been disconnected and two engineers visits.  Then no internet for almost 3 weeks till it could be reconnected.

Last month Superfast Broadband website showed that the capacity IS now available so I went onto Plusnet chat and confirmed it was there.

Called the following day to order and AGAIN confirmed that it was possible, agreed a price, and sat back to wait for the changeover.

Router arrived in the post, then had an email saying the change had completed.  Disappointed to see no improvement in speeds so contacted Plusnet to be told the change would actually be 6 March.

Then got a note to say Fibre isn't available after all and that as I "claim" that I'd been told it was, they would investigate.

I've told them to check the emails THEY have sent, as well as the Chat transcript (which I've offered to send them).  They can even check the call recordings if they like but I'm out of patience and can't believe that Plusnet who were so good for so many years are now reduced to the level of a 3rd rate provider.

I'm venting my frustration now but I am seriously so fed up with all this I'm genuinely open to suggestions for another ISP after more than 15  years here.



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Re: Unmitigated shambles

What can one say, I hope Plusnet fully investigate this and suitably 'train' the appropriate agent(s).

In terms of availability, what does this say?

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Re: Unmitigated shambles

If this has happend twice , something drastically wrong here Angry

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Re: Unmitigated shambles

Sorry to hear of your experience.

Unfortunately it looks like between the time you placed the fibre order with us and we placed the fibre order with our suppliers that the cabinet ended up becoming full again.


I can see the fibre order with our suppliers is still currently open and it'll progress to an engineer once capacity is restored. It'll cancel automatically after 90 days should the situation remain the same.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team