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Unlimited Fibre slow download speed

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Unlimited Fibre slow download speed

Hoping someone can help!

I've been with plusnet since moving into my home in September last year and never had any issues with streaming. I'm a regular gamer and having just upgraded to my first PC I was excited. However when it comes to actually downloading games I'm struggling to get anything more than 4.5mbs? This is also pretty similar to my Playstation download speeds as well.


I've run tests on on BT Wholesale and it states the following:

Download Speed (Mbps): 32.84

Upload Speed (Mbps): 0.00

Latency (ms): 14


This is with me using an Ethernet Cat 6 cable (supposedly meant to boost the speed?)


Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated!





Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unlimited Fibre slow download speed

Hi @asaracino,


Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm really sorry to hear you're having broadband speed issues, I appreciate how frustrating this can be.


I've run a speed diagnostic test on the line via Openreach systems and this shows you are connecting at the maximum speed for your browser of 40.0 Mbps downstream and 10.0 Mbps upstream. Openreach have not diagnosed any fault.


As you are connecting via Ethernet please can you connect to the test socket as thus and run your speed test again.


If the problem persists, you can raise a fault here or come back to us for further advice.


Thanks - LF

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  Tahir M
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unlimited Fibre slow download speed

I too have a speed problem and I have been trying to get it sorted for many weeks but still the same super slow for what I am paying for. I notice with PlusNet every second post is about speed issues and slow connection speeds. Wish I had read tis forum and I would have stayed away from them....

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Re: Unlimited Fibre slow download speed

Hi @LordFoul 


Not sure what you mean when suggesting to connect to the master socket. If I take the removable plate off I'm left with a slot for just a phone line - so where am I meant to put the ethernet cable?


Also I have just run another speed test on the website PlusNet recommends and as you will see in the below results the download speed is even slower than before!
Currently trying to download a game on Steam and I'm lucky to even get 1MBPS!




Download Speed (Mbps): 19.51

Upload Speed (Mbps) : 5.92

Ping Latency (ms): 16




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Re: Unlimited Fibre slow download speed

You'll need to use one of the dangly filters that are supplied with router - plug that into the socket behind the faceplate and then plug the router into that.