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Unlimited Fibre Extra and Line Rental

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Unlimited Fibre Extra and Line Rental

I am confused!

I have Plusnet Fibre Extra. On my account page where the monthly charge is shown it states that Line Rental is included.  

Last September I paid for one year's line rental because over the year it was cheaper than paying monthly. I have just received a reminder that the annual line rental payment of £197.88 is due again in September.

Having looked at my account details I am wondering why I have been asked to pay for line rental when, according to Plusnet, it's already included in the package. Also, should I have paid last year or am I due a refund?.

I spent almost an hour and a half on the Plusnet online chat line with three different people. They were adamant that additional payment is due for line rental but I still consider that according to Plusnet's wording it's included with the package. If it's not Plusnet should replace "included" with "excluded" to make it clear.

Has anyone else had the same problem?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unlimited Fibre Extra and Line Rental

Hi there, 


Sorry for any confusion on our part. Line rental is included in the prices we advertise with the exception of line rental saver. If as you have paid for 12 months of line rental in advance you'll still see line rental listed on the monthly bill as £0. 


I hope that helps to clear things up, get back to us at any time though if you have any further concerns or questions. 



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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unlimited Fibre Extra and Line Rental

Many thanks for your prompt reply.but I am still confused.

I have attached the "Change my Product" page for my account which shows that my current package is as below and this includes line rental. 
This being the case I cannot understand why I have been billed £197.88 for a years line rental when from the extract below from "Change my Products" page clearly stated that the £20.99 includes line rental. 
Kind regards
PS - I'm not sure the html will open so I've copied the relevant bits to a word document.

Your current package

Unlimited Fibre Extra(includes Line Rental)
56 - 72Mbdownload speed(estimated)
Out of contract price£20.99per month
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Unlimited Fibre Extra and Line Rental

Hi @44bjp


Thank you for getting in touch. 


I can confirm that we do not provide any packages that include line rental and Fibre Extra for £20.99. If the system is showing line rental included this is due to your Line Rental Saver being paid. 


Please make payment at your earliest convenience if you would like to renew Line Rental Saver. If not, your invoices will show Line Rental as £18.99 + agreed price for Fibre Extra.

Outside of your agreed minimum term, you will return to £18.99 line rental and Fibre Extra £20.99. Total: £39.98. If you contact our customer Options team within 3 months of your contract coming to an end you are able to discuss another offer for yourself. 


Kind Regards



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Re: Unlimited Fibre Extra and Line Rental


I'm not surprised that you're confused!

What I think that Plusnet are trying to tell you in this totally inept way is that the £20.99 charge is for fibre and it costs this much because you also have Plusnet supplying your landline, which is charged extra. If you use a different provider to supply your landline and just use Plusnet for the fibre element, which is quite acceptable to Plusnet, the fibre cost is increased from £20.99 to £23.49.