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Unlimited Fibre Extra Order - Still nothing after 4weeks

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Unlimited Fibre Extra Order - Still nothing after 4weeks

Brief summary of my order and hoping to get this fixed asap.
11th Feb
Placed order on phone for Unlimited Fibre Extra and phoneline
* noticed on email confirmation it was for ADSL unlimited, got in touch to explain their error.
Was told and seen that a request has been made to provision account on Fibre Extra 80mbps download 20mbps upload. initial fee paid in full. due to (Error 500)
24th Feb (Text message)
Confirmation of simultaneous phone and fibre order.  Both should be activated on the same day 04/03/16
29th Feb (Text message)
Date for fibre has be delayed to 17/03/16
17th March
Text message to say phoneline has been activated, but problem with broadband.
‘There's been a problem progressing your broadband order.
We'll get some more information on the problem and update this ticket with details as soon as we have them.
[internal note]
Order has been cancelled. Please check Install Diary and resubmit order once issue is resolved.’

- Phoned customer support
- Said the cancelled message was possibly about ADSL double order re:11th Feb - over zealous automated system.
- Fibre should still go through by tonight.
18th March
Called explained that have had no confirmation of fibre
- Guy said I need to be put through to the provisioning team.
- Was put on hold for 21 mins, support came on line  took username and then hungup.

Can someone please tell me what is happening with the fibre and when it’ll be activated?
That will be nearly 6 weeks from the initial order and it’s now costing me a lost of money with BT Wifi payments and I now seem to be going round in circles.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Unlimited Fibre Extra Order - Still nothing after 4weeks

Hello there. I can see that your fibre order had completed successfully and I have now activated your account. In a few moments, you should be back online. As your account was originally provisioned as ADSL due to the issues during Sales signup, I am in the process of getting an instant account change to Fibre performed so that you'll be receiving the correct speeds.
Thanks for your patience.
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