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Unlimited Fiber Extra

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Unlimited Fiber Extra

On the time of line test estimates 


VDSL Range A (Clean) 54 40



10.9 7.6

So i got unlimited fiber extra and my speed not impressive at all (max what i saw was 36mb) so i informed support and like always - we dont see any problems on our side. So they so nice that suggested maybe i wanna engineer to check it out with this small add-ion As part of the investigation of this fault we may need an engineer to visit your property to test the line. If the engineer finds the problem is with your internal wiring, your equipment, the condition of your property or the Openreach network has been damaged within the boundary of your property by things like building or garden works or if no fault is found, you will receive a charge of £65 to cover the cost of the engineer. This charge will also apply if you miss the appointment or you cancel without giving us 2 working days' notice.
This charge will apply at all times when we're working on the fault and you'll need to accept this statement again if the issue is closed and then re-opened.

You what ? To my property incoming cable to master socket even not 2 meter long. And i know that from my side everything ok. [-Censored-] Huh fix this nonsense. Send you engineers where you wanna and fix this. Now they will send to my house will not find fault and for that they will charge me really ? You will charge me for you own faults Huh [-Censored-]? 

oh wait speed even dropped lower 

  Status: SHOWTIME.
  Downstream Rate: 28211 Kbps
  Upstream Rate: 9427 Kbps
VDSL Connection  
  Encapsulation: PPPoE
  Profiles: VDSL2-17A Annex B
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Unlimited Fiber Extra

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with the speeds your getting.

Our tests aren't showing any cause but if you raise a fault here we can look into this for you.

With regards to the engineer charge we have to advise all customers of this regardless of circumstances.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team