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Understanding connection latency.

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Understanding connection latency.



I've recently moved to Plusnet after being a VM cable customer for a long time so i'm not familiar with the all the quirks associated with fibre/vdsl. I'd like to learn how I can go about getting the most out of my connection in terms of latency and speed.


When I first tested my connection I saw latency to and other websites in the region of 15ms but this has since risen to 30ms. My sync speed has dropped slightly too. Most of the latency is between my Plusnet router and the next hop. 


Host                                      Loss  Last   Avg  Best
 1.                       0.0%   0.4   0.4   0.4
 2.                       0.0%   1.2   1.1   1.1
 3.   0.0%  27.5  28.7  27.4
 4.              0.0%  28.3  28.6  27.7
 5.                        0.0%  28.7  29.0  28.2
 6.     0.0%  28.5  28.6  27.6
 7.                        0.0%  28.3  29.4  27.7
 8.                0.5%  28.4  28.7  27.9
 9.                 0.0%  28.4  29.2  27.9
10.    0.0%  30.6  49.1  29.7

I've also lost about 9-10 Mb/s in sync speed, down to 67Mb/s now. 


Is rebooting the router the only way to improve sync speed?

What impact does rebooting have on DLM?

Any other tech tips for a new VDSL customer?

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Re: Understanding connection latency.

Just a few thoughts


Never just reboot the all in one modem/router if you can help it. Log onto it first, click the "Disconnect" button, wait a minute to ensure that the login to Plusnet has gone and then reboot if you want to. The reboot will cause the line to resync but not necessarily to increase your sync speed.

Some people recommend turning the device off for 30 minutes after the disconnection has completed, to avoid the DLM system thinking that they maybe an issue on the line. (DLM checks every 15 minutes so by waiting 30 minutes you are guaranteed to have been seen by that DLM time period)

Has your connection been stable since installation? Worth a check.

Also a fall of 9 to 10Mbps in download speed and a slight increase in latency may be down to crosstalk in the cabinet. However your's has doubled so they maybe a fault.


Fault speed guide here