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Unable to Get FTTP Working on a Draytek 2860n

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Unable to Get FTTP Working on a Draytek 2860n

Hi all,

I work for a telecoms provider and we have moved into selling more FTTP connections, however we have a lot of issues getting routers that work with the FTTP connections. The router we would like to be able to get working on this connection ideally is a Draytek, specifically a 2860n or a 2862n.


I have tried setting this up using WAN2 and the correct PPPoE credentials as supplied by the wholesale network, but despite trying everything I can tell that might fix the issue, nothing works. I have upgraded the firmware and tried the router on the connection with various different combinations of settings enabled/disabled, but still nothing. I know the connection works, because we have a cheap TP-Link TD-W9970 working on it at the moment, and the Draytek works as I have tried multiple Drayteks on the connection all with the same issue.

I have asked several experts and Draytek themselves, but all seem to be stumped. If anyone has got a Draytek working on a FTTP connection, then can you either give me some advice, or send me a back-up of your config, so I can replicate the settings you have used to get it working?


Thank you!

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Re: Unable to Get FTTP Working on a Draytek 2860n

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Re: Unable to Get FTTP Working on a Draytek 2860n

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