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Trapped in a bad service!?

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Trapped in a bad service!?

In the last couple of weeks I switched from copper to FTTC. Under the terms of the contract, I was guaranteed speeds of 35Mb/s. I have never seen more than 26Mb/s. It frequently drops to less than 1Mb/s or drops altogether. In fact, I think the copper connection was better.

I complained, they checked and found no fault and asked me to connect a computer directly to the router using the ethernet cable, with the router connected to the master phone socket, and use the speedtest at BT. This I did, and there was no problem found, and part of the report said the fastest speed I could expect was 26Mb/s. So, I replied to Plusnet, and attached the BT report (which I have also attached here).

Plusnet's response was shocking:

During the investigation of your reported fault we asked you to complete some steps to help us diagnose the problem. You have reported that you are unable to do so.

As such, we're unable to continue the investigation so have had to close the query.

This also means you will not have the right to leave your contract without paying any cancellation fees at the end of the 30 day period from the date you raised the fault, or the date we have set out in previous emails.


Not only did I do the test they asked for, I attached the results in the form of a pdf. I am perfectly capable of doing any test they ask - I have worked in IT for 30 years, including teaching IT at university, and working as a network administrator.

This response from Plusnet suggests that their method of tying you into a contract is to require you to do something that you fail at, and then say you're stuck in the contract.

Plusnet, what did I fail to do?


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Re: Trapped in a bad service!?

@pir8ped See my reply on your 'Feedback ' topic, and please note posting the same topic on multiple boards is (a) against forum rules and (b) unhelpful as it splits information and causes extra unnecessary work.

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Re: Trapped in a bad service!?

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