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Three Problems (slow connection, no wifi, no internet)

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Three Problems (slow connection, no wifi, no internet)

We've been with Plusnet for around nine months and the service has been, at best, patchy. We are regularly plagued by one of three problems:


1. Very slow speeds - so slow that BBC iPlayer won't even load, much less play. This only occurs in the evenings, so it is probably due to local demand, but it is far from ideal.

2. We connect to the router with a variety of wireless devices (Apple, Microsoft, Sonos). At times the wifi simply refuses to connect anything and we have to reboot the router to get a connection back. I've not dug an old laptop out to see if a wired connection would work - partly because I'm lazy, but mainly because we just don't use wired connections anymore. The blue internet connection light remains lit all the time.

3. The wifi connects happily to the router and the router has a blue light indicating an internet connection, but the connected devices cannot actually connect to the internet. 


I've done most of the usual fault tracing things and not come up with anything obvious. Any quick thoughts?


Many thanks.

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Re: Three Problems (slow connection, no wifi, no internet)

Welcome to the Forum @kouyanet

Do you know whether any of your kit is capable of using/ is using the dual band wifi system?

I'm asking because the Hub (I'm assuming that it is a Hub as you are a recent customer) offers wifi on 2 frequencies. There have been reports that some kit gets confused and switches from one to the other, or even drops the connection. It might be worth separating the two signals and see if that helps, or at least to eliminate that as a possible cause of your difficulties. @bill888 has posted how to do that at