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Thinking of upgrading

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Thinking of upgrading

I have been with Plusnet for 2 years (and tied into a new 18-month contract in April) and I am currently on the 40/10 package to which I am paying £24.99 a month  + £5 a month for my line activation (was for line install but the line was already installed, just needed checking) so my monthly bill is £29.98. I see you have the 80/20 package up for £27.99, I would like to know if I can upgrade to this package for the price of £27.99 + £5 for my line = £32.99, however, when I try to do it online it wants to charge me £39.98...?? and it doesnt say whether this includes my £5 a month for my line OR if I get the £5 discount after that (as I have it on my current package)


I would upgrade into a new contract if I can have it for £27.99 + my £5 for my line?

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Re: Thinking of upgrading

What is the £5 a month actually for? £5 a month for "line activation" makes no sense whatsoever.

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Re: Thinking of upgrading

Also, does your line support the extra speeds? What does it say when you put your number in the DSL Checker?

PM, don't do £5 activation per month, activation is a one time cost, do you mean for your call package?Huh

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Thinking of upgrading

Hi @snadge,


I'd recommend that you discuss this with our customer options team as they have access to our deals for existing customers and they'll be able to let you know what options are available for you. I can see that you've now discussed this with our customer service team and they've arranged for the customer options team to give you a call back after 5 today.

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