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Thinking of joining Plusnet! Question

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Thinking of joining Plusnet! Question

Hi there,

I'm considing Plusnet as an ISP,

I'm currently with Talk Talk Fibre broadband i get is around 59Meg

I'm currently looking at the up to 38Meg with Plusnet but got a question about the new 55meg BT offer.

I have been reading some people who are on the 38Meg service have actually been upgraded too the faster 55meg service.

Is it something I can do soon as I join Plusnet? Ring up and ask them to put me onto the faster new 55 service.

Thanks in advanced for replies.

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Re: Thinking of joining Plusnet! Question

PN dont actually sell the 55/10 it was jut a stop gap at the time

They only offer 40/2 or the 80/20 Wink

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Re: Thinking of joining Plusnet! Question

I honestly wish I had never joined Plusnet. Awful connection much worse than my previous ADSL from SKY customer service is pretty much non existent too. Worst ISP I've been on by far.

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Re: Thinking of joining Plusnet! Question

@rongtw has it right, it may be best to look into 80/20 if you fancy joining. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

@superfetch -  Sorry you feel that way, I'll pick up your thread shortly.



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