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Thinking about fiber upgrade

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Thinking about fiber upgrade

Hiya guys. My BB contract runs out in March I think. My current Download speed is a shocking wait for it.....3.7Mb.

So you can see why im seriously need an upgrade. My problem is, I dont want engineer visits drilling and running cables.Virgin want to run a horrible white cables through the house.

Am I correct in saying that if I sign up for fiber with Plusnet, all I would need to do is install the new Router into the existing telephone socket in the house.

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Re: Thinking about fiber upgrade

If it's the common FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) that you are talking about then basically yes.

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Re: Thinking about fiber upgrade

Plusnet fibre

= no problem (no guarantee!!) - but go here to check - my (your) data transfer speed log in req'd

= no engineer visit (to your home)

= no drilling

= no running wires

(Virgin = imo yep, horrible)

New Plusnet Hub One = yes (+£6.99 p&p)

existing socket = yes

me = commission from Plusnet = not a flippin' chance!!

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Re: Thinking about fiber upgrade


Have you checked at the BT broadband checker website for what estimated speeds you would get on FTTC?

If not then look at and just enter your phone number. This is the same data that Plusnet would use to decide if you could get FTTC and at what speeds.

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Re: Thinking about fiber upgrade

My experience of 'upgrading' from ADSL to Fibre has been swapping a reliable service of roughly 12Mbps download to an unreliable service that sometimes runs at 51Mbps (yay!) but a lot of the time is 0.85-3.00Mbps (boo!), which is what I've got right now. 

PlusNet say everything's OK at their end. I'm paying them. That guy DS ^ has been very helpful btw. The advertised increase in speed looks great. In reality, being tied into an 18 month contract with no support isn't.

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Re: Thinking about fiber upgrade

Oh well it's in order now if it doesn't work I'll stop paying them simple as.

Thanks for all your help guys much appreciated