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The fault of line faults

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The fault of line faults

Over the years I have have my phone line/broadband go down 3 or 4 times. On each occasion Plusnet have identified it as an 'internal fault' and made me accept a potential charge for call-out. On this last occasion it was £65 and still 'internal' with no openreach face plate fitted.

On all occasions there has been found to be an external fault on the line.

So this leads to 2 questions

    How useless is Plusnets diagnostic equipment?

    At what point does it become fraud to continually state a charge based on such test results?  

note: I have no complaint about how plusnet or open reach front-line staff responded once the fault was confirmed.

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Re: The fault of line faults

Have they ever actually  charged you, @bodgem ? They are obliged to inform you that if an engineer is called out, there is the potential for a charge should the fault either be your side of the test socket or damage to BT cabling after that point. They also strenuously try to avoid charging you. And, if the BT engineer who attends is good at the job, if you treat them right, they may locate a fault on their side of the equipment - I know, because it has happened to me.

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Re: The fault of line faults

I agree with @jab1 in that it’s a potential charge. Also the diagnostics system we use belongs to Openreach. Unfortunately it’s generally difficult for a remote line test to pinpoint the exact cause of a fault until we carry out troubleshooting and/or put boots on the ground due to the complex nature of the infrastructure.

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