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The common, "Lower Than Minimum Guaranteed Speed Issue".

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The common, "Lower Than Minimum Guaranteed Speed Issue".

I am paying for a pretty standard package with a minimum download speed of 30.9Mb.


I am lucky at the moment to get a third of that. Does anyone know whats going on? I understand in the current circumstance this isn't a major issue, but I live in quite a remote area and require on the internet to keep in touch with vulnerable members of my family. I know I'm not the only one in this position but a bit of communication from Plus Net would be appreciated as I can't even get through via phone call and the web chat has been offline for a good few days when I have tried to chat to them.


I have attached an image of a snippet of my current speeds. 

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Re: The common, "Lower Than Minimum Guaranteed Speed Issue".

Hi, yeah that was a really nice balanced post there Smiley

Plusnet are really great and I'm sure someone will get in touch with you soon and help in regards to this Smiley

The speeds thing I usually get around the same too. I know some people might really want their minimum speed which is absolutely fine of course but as long as things run ok for me is what matters the most, like TV services and things like that. The speed test you have though is very low though so should be much more than that, is that a Wi-Fi or wired device?

Anyway I'm sure someone from Plusnet will get to you soon, they are really good so I wouldn't worry, it's just obviously getting through everyone that's all Smiley

I hope you're doing alright with things too Smiley