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The Return of Poor Latency

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The Return of Poor Latency

Firstly, where have "Questions" gone? I can no longer find previous tickets.


Found where the questions have been buried. Previous ticket 182142978.

On migrating to Plusnet in August I had ongoing latency issues. This was finally solved in September when the connection was moved to a less congested VLAN. Although that did introduce another problem in that speeds where slow to achieve full rate & Wholesale refused to address.

My connection has been getting progressively worse & I've just had a look at the latency history. It appears that something happened on the 1st November & has been a constant issue since. Here is the result of Think Broadband's monitor on 31st October. Notice that there are no latency issues in the early hours or the afternoon when the line is idle.

Latency 1018.JPG


By contrast here is a typical graph of every day since.

Lantency 0119.JPG


Can a ticket be raised for investigation please?


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Re: The Return of Poor Latency

Hi @rbz5416, testing isn't flagging up any problems, however that's not to say there's not an issue somewhere.


If you've already been through our troubleshooting guides, I'd recommend reporting the issue over at so we can get this raised with our suppliers for further investigation.


If you could let us know once you've done this, we'll be able to get the ticket picked up for you.



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