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Thanks re. ticket #141763853 :)

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Thanks re. ticket #141763853 :)

On closing my support ticket as fixed, there was no opportunity to post a reply to thank the analyst who fixed my problem; so could a member of staff here please pass on my thanks to  [CSA Removed] on the Support Team - my speed has been restored after crawling along at 2 Mb/s and a speed-test now shows a more respectable 56.42 Mb/s download, 11.23 Mb/s upload, 37ms ping time Smiley


Terry Beales

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat) CSA name removed to private staff area as per Forum rules

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Re: Thanks re. ticket #141763853 :)

Always nice to pass on thanks to the agent who helped!

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Re: Thanks re. ticket #141763853 :)

I'll make sure your thanks is passed on Terry.

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