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Terrible few weeks for disconnects and now a massive speed decrease

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Terrible few weeks for disconnects and now a massive speed decrease

I have been experiencing a lot of disconnects recently, way more than previously and now a massive speed decrease, this service is becoming unusable. I have replaced EVERYTHING from the modem (Vigor 130) and the Router (Asus RTAC88U) this issue also happens on the standard PlusNet modem / router and no I'm not prepared to switch it back any more or waste any more of my time re my hardware.

The service seems to be permanently bouncing around, this was an issue I experienced in the past and it seemed to settle but now its back with a vengeance and I'm just going to have to change supplier if this isn't now resolved properly. Like most people I have been working from home a lot and I am unable to do very much because of the dropouts.

May 4 13:07:25 pppd[1225]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.
May 4 13:07:25 pppd[1225]: Connection terminated.
May 4 13:07:27 WAN_Connection: Fail to connect with some issues.
May 4 13:07:27 DualWAN: skip single wan wan_led_control - WANRED off

Engineers have been here multiple times and just report that there is no error on the line at all which is not the case. Can one of the PlusNet Admins please help me ASAP as I just cant continue like this...


@Gandalf and @MatthewWheeler were both of assistance last time this happened.


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