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Terrible 3 Days High Latency and packet loss

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Registered: ‎11-03-2021

Terrible 3 Days High Latency and packet loss and speedtest,net both show speed of  between 900kbps to 3mbps with a latency of 77ms or 234ms loaded pretty poor for FTTC.


So BT have been and confirmed all the cables external and internal, the exchange and router (plusnet BT one) both show speeds of between 55 - 61 Mbps.


Internal network from any device to the ADSL router over 683 packets has 0% loss, minimum 1ms, maximum 3ms, average 2ms so apparently no problem here but you would hope not with the wifi turned off and one PC plugged directly to the ethernet port.

Ping to, now here we see a problem

3029 packets sent, lost 665 (21%) minimum 9ms, maximum 2643ms (thats not a typo) average 892ms


Lets look at a trace to

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms <1 ms PNHUB1 []
2 11 ms 10 ms 10 ms []
3 240 ms 241 ms 228 ms
4 221 ms 229 ms 230 ms
5 90 ms 124 ms 172 ms []
6 204 ms 254 ms 252 ms []
7 108 ms 103 ms 114 ms
8 122 ms 127 ms 129 ms
9 124 ms 124 ms 111 ms []

Trace complete.

Ok the latency here is better than the ping test, but still far from stellar.

So the last good hop was (plusnet core) then we have problems showing getting to, this reports as a plusnet address in london (poss tele house)


So having done a lot of the trouble shooting, how do I contact support on phone lines that are closed or at best really congested. I have been pointed by email to the support wizard, however that again is closed, and guess what, the support email address has an autoreply that says to call or use the wizard.

I don't want much, just the line working, and a way to engage with a support person if there is a problem .....

If anyone can give any ideas on resolving either the connection problem (then I dont need to call support) or how to get to support then it would really be appreciated