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Technicolor TG582n failing?

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Technicolor TG582n failing?

My Fibre router has had a problem ever since installed, it would fail to forward and DNS enquires but I've solved this by setting up static IP and setting the DNS servers manually on each device. Anyway my router has started to make a buzzing noise and I expect it's going to fail completely soon.. Is there any free replacement from Plus-net or should I purchase my own?
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Re: Technicolor TG582n failing?

If the TG582n is definitely failing, I strongly recommend purchasing your own especially if you require things like Port Forwarding, specific wireless coverage etc. The firmware on the 2704n offering from Plusnet is so locked down and has many poor features for anything other than a very basic setup. If you want more technical information on the 2704n issues, there are several threads on the Hardware board, and a few on the ADSL & Fibre boards.
However, there's a few things you should try with your TG582n first. Do a Factory reset to see if that solves the problems - does it have the later firmware? Even if it has, if a factory reset doesn't solve the problems, re-install the firmware (which ever you prefer) and try again -I have known that solve what appeared to be "failed" hardware but was obviously firmware corruption for some reason.