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Technicolor 582n - Wireless Speed drop / fluctuation

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Technicolor 582n - Wireless Speed drop / fluctuation

Can anyone tell me why the Technicolor 582n "actual speed" value fluctuates wildly?
I've been on FTTC and using the 582n for over a year now. I've never been particularly impressed with the wireless speed of the router, particularly when browsing from my now ancient iPad2. More modern devices like laptops, newer iPhone's seem better, so I am aware it can sometimes be down to the device and its ability to render the page.
But I decided I would try to get the best out of the 582n.  I read a few articles and here is what I have done...
1) Ensured my Wi-Fi is on a nice clear channel. I used inSIDDer to show nearby networks and picked a channel with very few overlaps (channel 9) for me. (I did this when I first got the router actually). There are no other networks on the same channel as mine.
2) I have changed the wireless security from mixed "WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK" to just WPA2-PSK. From what I have read, this ensures the AES encryption is used and should result in higher speeds i.e. above 65Mbps.
3) Checked the specs of all devices to ensure they support 802.11n - they all support it.
4) Dropped each client out of the Wi-Fi network and re-added to make sure they connect at the newly configured security setting.
5) I have remained in the 20 MHz band (default) and not gone daft trying to reach 40 MHz in order to try and reach 270 or 300 Mbps. I'll be happy with 130 Mbps (I know that is a theoretical maximum)
So, when I committed the WP2-PSK only change in the wireless configuration, the details page briefly shows 130Mbps, and then immediately drops to 65Mbps. After that the displayed actual speed is all over the place. 3 Mbps...5.5 Mbps...26...65...39 etc. - random.
Why is this happening?
Edit: this is one of the articles I read.
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Re: Technicolor 582n - Wireless Speed drop / fluctuation

Partly overlapping other channels is in theory worse than being on the same channel as another network.
Because tools like inSSIDer don't show things like how heavily used each network is, it's better to just try the different channels, starting with 1, 6 and 11, and seeing what the performance is like.
It doesn't particularly matter what the wireless rate reported at any particular moment is, it's more useful to look at the actual download speed.
Wireless 11n devices with only one antenna are only capable of 65Mbps (or 72 with SGI enabled). I don't know the wireless specification of the ipad2, but it's quite common, to save space and power, for smartphones and tablets to only have a single wifi antenna.
If you have the latest firmware, you can also look at