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TP Link Archer C9 - Random Internet Dropouts

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TP Link Archer C9 - Random Internet Dropouts

Hello All

So I thought this issue had gone but all of a sudden is is back and it is very annoying. 

I can just be surfing the internet then I notice I get a DNS error and the page won't load all of a sudden.

I just have to look up at my TP Link Archer C9 router and notice the orange light (for internet has come on).

Typical I have to wait about 2 minutes for the modem in the router to dial back in again.


This router has the latest firmware and it works 95% of the time fine.

Due to the intermittent nature of this fault it is hard for me to troubleshoot.

All I can guess is there is some interference on the line however my wall plate has a filter in it.


The only option I can think of is to plugin my Plusnet router and see if the same happens to that.

Or can I put my Plusnet router into Modem only mode? as maybe it an issue with my BT modem?

Is there anyway I can check the logs of the BT modem router?


The problem just occured just then about 15:35 PM 






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Re: TP Link Archer C9 - Random Internet Dropouts

If it's taking 2 minutes to reconnect it's probably the Openreach modem losing sync.
If your Openreach modem has square LEDs and metal ethernet ports it is made by Huawei and can be unlocked, there is also a sticker on the bottom with the make.
This will get you access to the logs via the web interface and telnet.
Full guide on the unlocking process is on the Kitz website here.
The unlock wipes the router memory so you will only get the logs from that point forward.
If it's got round LEDs and plastic ethernet ports it's made by ECI and you are out of luck.
If this is the case, you should be able to pick up a second hand locked Huawei HG612 modem on eBay for 15-20 quid. You want the version 3b if you're going down this road. The unlocked ones go for silly price. The unlocking process is fairly easy if you are OK with computers and doesn't need any soldering or disassembly as it is all done via the ethernet port.
Sometimes the HG612 modems perform better than the ECi ones in terms of stability and speed, particularly on Huawei cabinet's.
You could also put the 20 quid towards a one box VDSL modem/router and sell your current router.
The modem on the Plusnet router probably isn't compatible with fibre to the cabinet so that won't work either. (Assuming you got it the same time as the Openreach modem) Only the hub one has a modem that supports FTTC.

You could also ask one of the staffers on here to run a GEA test and post the radius logs for the last couple of days. This should reveal if there's a line fault and how often it's dropping the connection.
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: TP Link Archer C9 - Random Internet Dropouts

Hi Paul. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing connection problems.

Testing your line isn't finding the cause of the problems. I don't think it's possible to use the Hub One just as a modem.

Have you tried using the Hub One as a modem router to figure out if the issue is with the Openreach box or your TP link?

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: TP Link Archer C9 - Random Internet Dropouts

Ok so I am now just using the official PlusNet router and my connection dropped out this morning.

I am getting really fed up of this poor service that I am paying for.

Please can someone look into this my contact is due for renewal in March..

I am going to try to plug a ADSL filter into my master socket if that does not work I will expect BT/Open Reach and Plusnet fix it.



Paul S

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Re: TP Link Archer C9 - Random Internet Dropouts

Last time my connection started randomly failing OR found a dodgy connection in the cabinet - took them 3 goes though!


Are you on a static IP? If so, you could always try using the TBB Broadband Quality Monitor. Not certain if you can use it on a dynamic IP. Looks like this BQM Usually shows when the connection is dropping. Unless you use the connection fairly often it might be failing more often than you realise. What sort of speed tests do you get? All over the place or fairly same same from day to day.