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TAGS Issue - 1 Month without Broadband

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TAGS Issue - 1 Month without Broadband

I moved in to a new apartment mid September, purchased Plusnet broadband, phone line was activated on 30th September, but i still have not Broadband due to a TAGS query and kept being told to check back in 2 days. 

I have called Plusnet many times during this period and understand that the issue lies with BT but this was escalated last Friday and i was told i would be contacted within 48 hours. it has been 80 hours plus and i have not been contacted. Quite frankly this is so unacceptable and i don't feel Plusnet is doing all that they can do.

My partner and i have been tethering off mobiles the whole time, she works for the NHS and is unable to work effectively with the 1-3mbs download from her work mobile. Please help.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: TAGS Issue - 1 Month without Broadband

Hi there @JY2020,

Thanks for getting in touch, I appreciate your query and apologise for the delay you have seen with your order.


I've checked your account and can see the last contact with our suppliers was yesterday afternoon, and they have advised to review this after the weekend for progress. The issue has been escalated and a complaint ticket has been raised by the Provisioning Team who are managing this.


A unique digital tag is created everytime a new broadband service is connected at the exchange to identify who owns the line, it should be removed at cancellation to allow other companies to provide service and set their own unique identifier. It's obvious this has not happened hence the TAGS query.


As this is being managed as a complaint by the Provisioning Team they will ensure the issue is followed up. If you'd like me to manage the process I will be happy to do so however please note I will not be able to make the removal of the TAG any quicker, as it is an Openreach process to be resolved with the previous provider.


Thanks - LF

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  Tahir M
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