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Sync Speed 25Mb, Actual speed 20.5mb

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Registered: ‎05-08-2015

Sync Speed 25Mb, Actual speed 20.5mb

For some reason plusnet needs to rob me of the last 2-3Mb of my available speed.
When I was on BT, I Synced at 25Mb and got around 23.8Mb Actual somtimes more.
Several times I have contacted plusnet and they reset profile to 40mb and I get the full speed again.
However it never last, usually a week later and its back down.
Plusnet please set my profile to 25Mb so I can always get the max speed avaiable from my line just like BT used to give me.

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Re: Sync Speed 25Mb, Actual speed 20.5mb

Hi there,
Your profiles are at 25000 anyway, which have been set by automation. This is already well above your estimates, so there's little we can do to improve things unfortunately. Apologies for this.
ex-Plusnet staffer. Any posts after 28/07/2017 aren't on behalf of Plusnet