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Switching from BT to Plusnet

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Switching from BT to Plusnet

I have decided to switch from BT Infinity Broadband (unlimited) & anytime calls to a similar Plusnet package. The 12 month contract with BT ends on 24th November - how long in advance of this date can I sign up with Plusnet ?? - can I set a change over/start date for the new service with Plusnet this far in advance ?Huh

I don't want to pay any exit fees with BT and try to switch over on the next day or very close to it after the contract ends.

The current Plusnet deals are very favourable in cost and run for the next couple of weeks.

Any advice would be most useful so I can plan my switch.

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Re: Switching from BT to Plusnet

When I did the same a while ago, I just took into account the 30 days notice, and asked for my start date to be after my end of contract date.