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Switch to PN next week

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Switch to PN next week


Currently have two powerline modules for PC and TV connected by cables. Also three wifi extenders plugged in various powerpoints around house. Plus BT Smart Hub plugged directly into latest masterplug. On switch over next week I intend to use BT Smart Hub by opening Tecnical Log/Broadband and disconnecting and re-connecting using PN login details. (I am told on here that should work ok.)

With regard to the other stuff, powerline and extenders, will they all work seamlessly as at present with just providing new login details when connecting to PN via BT Hub?

Thank you.




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Re: Switch to PN next week


Yes this will all work fine. You might find it less irritating to also disable the BT Assistant or whatever it is called. If you have problems with the Smart Hub start again with a factory reset and follow advice to be found in the Router specific forum. The Smart Hub is a better router tnan the PN.offering so it is well worth the effort.

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Re: Switch to PN next week

Hi John.


It should be fine. Let us know how your activation goes.

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