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Sudden speed drops

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Sudden speed drops

Hi there, first post to the forums so apologies if I miss any details out. For the past few weeks we’ve been seeing random massive drops in speed.

We normally get around 60mbps download and 14mbps up on Fibre Extra - and the sync speeds on the router match this too.

However out of nowhere both up and down speeds will drop to (literally) a few kbps. When it happens I turn off WiFi and connect directly to the hub by Ethernet, but speeds are exactly the same. What’s stumping me though is the sync speeds on the router (via remain at around 60mbps/14mbps, however the BT wholesale speed tester comes back with 50-100kbps, and sometimes it’s so slow the speed test page struggles to load.

Tried the usual microfilter change and in the test socket, but it’s still happening intermittently.

Just wondering if this is perhaps a known issue, or anyone could offer advice? When I called plusnet the guy immediately suggested an Openreach engineer. I’m worried they’ll send one, not be able to recreate the problem the day he/she turns up, then I’ll get stung for the Openreach charge and still have this issue Sad

EDIT: I forgot to mention, restarting the Plusnet hub immediately resolves the issue, until it decides to plummet again
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sudden speed drops

Hi @Ruffler Welcome to the Community Forums, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.


Testing the line isn't picking up anything that could be causing the issue you are experiencing.


If we raise a fault then it is likely there is not much we can do other than arrange an engineer visit. You can raise the fault here.


Is this happening everyday/ any particular time?

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team