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Sudden Broadband Fail

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Sudden Broadband Fail

Hello Everyone, hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather and managing through the lockdown okay.

I was awoken this morning by my wife with the immortal phrase "Think the internet's down"...

I came down into the boxroom and right enough, there's a red light on the Nighthawk modem... showing no internet connection. I looked at the Openreach DSL box and it had all three lights steady green... Power, DSL, and LAN1. 

I logged onto the page and everything seemed fine, but a big red cross showed "No Internet".

I tried the obvious and standard things:

1. Rebooted router.

2. Changed RJ cable between modem and router

3. Powered down router, powered down modem

4. After a couple of minutes, powered up modem, powered up router - once everything was stable, same state

5. Updated router firmware via USB stick (painful process) and rebooted - same state

6. I've had the Nighthawk for close on 5 years and a house move, so although it's a slim chance, I shelled out for a replacement. Set everything up and configured without any difficulty... same state. I can eliminate the router I think.

In the router config page the DNS for the internet IP is showing as which I think is a problem, means the router or modem is not able to get a DNS lookup from IP server (I think).

My next move is to replace the Openreach DSL modem, I can only think this is a hardware problem which is interfering with the internet connections.

I'm trying Plusnet support but have had no joy so far - haven't been able to hold on long enough.

I'm currently working from home, and this is a BIG problem. Any help really appreciated.



P.S. Should also add, can get voice on the line okay, and have not had any connection/stability issues whatsoever in a long, long time. No changes to network hardware or anything else that would impact the network.


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Re: Sudden Broadband Fail

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Re: Sudden Broadband Fail

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Re: Sudden Broadband Fail

I have just fixed my problem. And I have no idea how it happened.

First of all, using the Plusnet trouble-shooter I managed to get a dial-up working, so clearly the line and modem are ok.

Prior to removing the old router I photographed the settings on screen in case I forgot any details. When I configured the new router, for the question "Does your ISP require a password?" the option was set to "No".

I thought this was wrong, so I check my phone, and it was set to "No" on the old router. I scratched my head because I know this is wrong - I use my DSL username and password to connect. But it was clearly set to "No".

I changed the setting on the new router, entered the details and it connected straight away. I feel like a complete moron.

I have no idea how the setting on the old router could have changed?? Furthermore how I did not notice it when I was doing my diagnostics... I just can't understand it. 

Anyway it's fixed and I have a 50.1Mb download speed, which is good for me.

Thanks to anyone who read, and to Gel for replying.

I'm going to go and hang my head in shame. And get my old Nighthawk onto ebay!